Top 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Surgeon

//Top 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Surgeon

Top 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Surgeon

If you are required to or are electing to undergo any surgical procedure, it is important that you select the best surgeon for the job. Of course it is easy to drop your potential surgeon’s name into Google and look up information about him or her. However, there’s a few other places to gather information about your surgeon that may have more validity and will help you put your mind at ease knowing you have made the right choice. To follow are a few tips for selecting the most qualified surgeon for your needs.

  1. If you have access, ask hospital employees (nurses, medical techs, volunteers) if your surgeon is, “good.” These medical professionals work alongside with your surgeon day in and day out. They have seen your surgeon’s mistakes, how s/he has handled them and how successful the outcomes have been.
  2. During consultation, ask your surgeon his or her complication rate. If your surgeon says that they have zero percent complications, they are either lying or are inexperienced. No matter how talented a surgeon is, unforeseen complications arise in surgery. How transparent he or she is about reporting them can tell a patient a lot about their surgeon.
  3. Board certification matters. There are plenty of practicing physicians that aren’t board certified, but the surgeons who adhere to the highest standards are board certified. Most medical specialties are recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Choosing a surgeon with board-certification assures the patient that they are in the best of care.
  4. Professional affiliations are an indicator of successful, recognized surgeon. For example, a facial plastic surgeon practicing in New York should belong to the New York Facial Plastic Surgery Society.
  5. Be a good patient. Providing your surgeon with a concise, concretely accurate medical history is essential to them acting in your best interest. Often, plastic surgery patients omit the fact that they have had previous plastic surgeries. Medical history can greatly impact a surgeon’s plan of action. If you aren’t forthright with that information, your surgeon could potentially have to a crisis, or complication to overcome during your procedure.

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