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My practice encompasses the entire field of Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery including both functional or medical problems and Cosmetic surgery of the Eyelids and face.  Examples of functional problems include Eyelid and Orbital Trauma, Orbital Tumors, and Eyelid malpositions such as Ptosis, Entropion, Ectropion.  Other functional problems such as  Facial Paralysis, Skin Cancer Surgery/Post-Mohs’ Reconstruction, Thyroid Eye Disease and Endoscopic Surgery for Lacrimal or Tearing disorders are also commonly treated.  The Cosmetic areas of the practice include Blepharoplasty, Endoscopic Brow lifting, Midface lifting and non-invasive facial rejuvenation with injectable fillers, as well as fat grafting. Dr. Moskowitz has an extensive 21 years of experience with Botox for both cosmetic and movement disorders and is facile with the other neurotoxins such as Xeomin and Dysport as well. Other treatment modalities offered are chemical and laser facial peels, laser resurfacing and we feature the Sciton laser as well as the full line of Obagi Skin Care.

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